PAINTINGS by Patrica Lawrence Ritzo


Artist Statement

I have always created. Since the time that I could get into the chair at my desk in my childhood room, I have painted. A most cherished gift, a children’s artists paint box is still in my possession. I vividly remember the joy and anticipation of possibility that it brought. To this day, I feel the most like me when I am in the throws of the creative process, usually with paint and brush and delight in the medium. I love to smoosh paint around. Living in Maine year round, especially through the long winter, I have developed a need for color in my life. Painting with the bright color palette that I use, feeds the need. Color affects people. I experience joy, lightness, intensity, and freedom when I paint and I feel it is conveyed through my artwork.

I am inspired by color combinations, shapes, movement, and figure in action. Most recently, I have been mesmerized by the red sail on our sailing canoe, how the scarlet triangle changes with the tack and wind and how it changes to cherry crème in the light, in relation to the background landscape colors. This work conveys a quirky and pleasant look at a bright moment, a time out in this aggressive, time crunched, nutty world… a good enough reason to be.